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We are one of the most experienced Managed Services Provider (MSP) in the market. Our Help Desk Operation Center operates 7x24 throughout the years and it follows the ITIL and ISO20000 Standards.



How We Help

Tek One aims to provide you a GLOBAL-ONE concept so that our managed services can serve all your regional offices in a simple and consolidated view, e.g. dedicated multi-lingual hotline, online help desk ticketing system, customized support workflow, local communication with your IT suppliers, etc.


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What We Can Do

Moving office operation from on-premise to Microsoft Cloud Office 365 is always a complicated migration process, especially when you need to migrate your email platform as well. Careful planning in advance is always required.

Tek One offers professional advices or services to smoothen the migration – from requirement collection and on-site inspection, creating tenant, ADFS preparation, migration and backup, to finally the user training and handover.



Maximize your Revenue

What sets us apart in the Information Technology business is not only mastery of the latest and the most productive IT solution, but also our vertical industrial knowledge understanding your real business needs. Our Retail Solutions help to maximize operational excellence and drive sales and measure performance daily.

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